A once in a life-time business opportunity.

An entrepreneurial sales persons dream job.

The Skout Deals marketing platform is revolutionary. In the process we have created a great entrepreneurial sales opportunity where you can truly make uncapped commissions and build a client base that provides ongoing residual earnings. Whether you are a seasoned sales veteran, someone with a desire to get into sales, or just wanting to use your sales skills to supplement your income, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Earn money on your schedule, from the comfort of your home.

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Residual Income

Earn a residual commission on every sale (some conditions apply)

Stay local, go national.

Whether you target small local merchants or large enterprise accounts, we have tailored solutions for both.

Your Schedule. No boss.

Work when you want, where you want. It’s your business.

We’re on call to help.

We’ll give you all the info and support you need to be successful.

What does a Sales Skout do?

Sales Skout’s find merchants that are looking to grow their business, and help them do it.

You’re our feet-­on­-the-­street, even though most of the time you’re calling from your office chair. You’re responsible for helping merchants decide whether Skout Deals is a good fit, leading them through the process, demonstrating the product and answering any questions they may have. You’re dedicated to their success, providing suggestions and building a partnering relationship.

And don’t worry, we’ll provide you all the resources you need to succeed.

On top of  that, you’ll be joining the Skout Deals family on the ground floor. You’ll be representing a revolutionary mobile marketing platform, unlike any other.


How much sales experience do I need?

Ideally a year or more. However, if you do not have sales experience, but do enjoy helping others, have a passion and desire to succeed at sales and think you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply as well.

How much technical expertise do I need?

You need above average. You’ll be using Skype, connecting with prospects via social networks, performing online demos, answering technical questions, preparing PowerPoint presentations, entering data into our CRM and deploying personal email campaigns. If you don’t use a variety of apps and social networks regularly, this is probably not for you.

What will I need to learn?

You will need to learn about the product, the sales process and become proficient with the various technology tools required to succeed in your role, such as our sales CRM system, demo software, etc. This includes technical information, as well as how to identify ideal clients and best practices.

What kind of training do you offer?

We provide Product and Sales Training based on best practices in person and via our online Skout University, or “Skout U”. We provide sales scripts, daily sales huddles and one on one support with your sales manager.


Most of our training is self-guided online, or one­-on-­one, or small groups, over Skype with your Sales Manager. Your Sales Manager provides ongoing coaching and any internal support you require to win more business.  We also encourage communication and collaboration amongst your peers.

How will I be evaluated?

Monthly sales quotas are established.

What kind of companies are a good fit for Skout Deals?

Merchants of who have one or more “bricks and mortar” locations. Big or small. They sell to consumers directly with walk-in traffic, and are actively engaged in marketing their product or service. We offer turnkey solutions for small merchants and can provide custom solutions for large enterprise merchants.

How much work is it to onboard a company?

It depends. For small to mid­size business that are posting their deals through our self-­service online platform, very little if any additional effort is required. For large enterprise accounts it varies, depending on solution requirements, agreement negotiations, and system integration complexity.

What is the best way to sell new business?

Prospecting and cold-calling. Reaching out personally to entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing managers, and influencers in your target market and getting them excited is the best way. We use a two-part process to sell, first setting merchants up with a free account and posting a deal for them, then upselling to a paid plan.

How long is the typical sales cycle?

It varies, sometimes it can as long as a single call up to a couple weeks for small to mid­size merchants. For larger enterprise accounts it is typically a month or longer, plus time to integrate.

How does the compensation plan work and how much can I earn?

We pay a generous residual commission on every sale, with bi-monthly payouts. In terms of how much you can earn, it varies based on full-time or part-time efforts, experience, sales skills and closing ratios. For successful full-time sales people it’s not unreasonable to attain a mid-to-six figure income in the first year. In year two or three, with residuals, there is definite potential to earn a six-figure plus income.

What is the selection process?

We’ll review your resume If we like what we see, we’ll schedule an initial interview to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll schedule an interview to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have. If it seems like a great fit, you’re hired.

Is there advancement or Territory Ownership Opportunities available?


For Sales Representatives that show success, there may be opportunities to purchase a protected Territory and become a Territory Owner.

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