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What I get when I’m Accepted?

Protected Sales Territory

You will be the owner of a protected sales territory containing over 8,000 businesses in your local area. This will grant you exclusive rights to all business inside your territory, and no one else will be permitted to sell the Skout Deals product in that area. Most Territory owners will make at least six figures per year. If not multiple six figures to millions. The best part? You own all equity in your business. You can even re-sell it for a profit down the road.

Weekly Business Training

Every territory owner gets exclusive access to weekly business mastermind calls. Topics of discussion on the calls include business strategy, management, sales, leadership, and other topics relating to your success. Ongoing support and mentorship are both crucial in your journey as a business owner. These advanced business calls will give you intimate access to ask any question you want to our in-house business experts.

Lead List of up to 5.000 Businesses

We’ve done all of the hard work for you and prospected all businesses inside your sales territory on your behalf. Your territory can have as many as 10,000 businesses inside it. With so many businesses, it can be hard to know which ones are good leads and which ones aren’t. In an effort to save you both time and money, we’ve compiled a list of the best 5,000 businesses in your territory. You’ll get email addresses, phone numbers, and other vital pieces information for all businesses on the list.

Private Mastermind Group

You will also have access to a private mastermind group of other sales territory owners across the country. Learn from other people’s mistakes, and gain access to an exclusive group of business owners running the EXACT same business as you. This also includes weekly mastermind calls, where you’ll have access to all territory owners. You’ll be able to ask questions relating to your current business struggles and get answers from other business owners who have been in your shoes.

You Also Get Access To These Bonuses

Access To The Vault

Members of the Sales Territory business opportunity get access to all previous weekly coaching and mastermind calls. Which include dozens of hours of content ranging from team building to sales strategies, to scaling your business. Get access to all previous live coaching with other sales territory owners to blast past your current sticking point in-between the weekly calls.

Exclusive 10-Year Territory Access

Every sales territory comes with an exclusive five-year lease. However, for the next few days, we’re extending your lease an additional five years. Get exclusive access to up to 10,000 local businesses in your area for an entire decade. Lock down your city and make millions in the process.

Training Modules

Get access to our exclusive sales training course. This is a bonus only available for territory owners. Get access to live calls with prospects, strategies on how to close the deal, polished sales scripts, sales processes, training sales people to sell for you, and so much more. As your business grows, all the sales people underneath you will also have access tothe course as well.

Customer Support

We’ve built an entire infrastructure around you to make your life easier. You’ll have access to an entire team of in-house customer support specialists whose only job is to keep the clients you close happy. This will allow you to focus solely on selling and scaling your business. Forget the headaches of responding to emails and making phone calls to the annoyed clients. Just sell, and let us take care of the rest!

Complete A-Z Business Template

We’ve been in the sales and business building industry for decades. As a result, we know what it takes to grow an amazing and rewarding business while minimizing time spent on monotonous and unnecessary tasks. We’ve created a complete A-Z business template for you. As long as you work hard and pay attention, it’s almost impossible you’ll fail. Just learn from the training modules and coaching calls, sell and make money, then repeat. Over and over until you have a six figure income.

How This Opportunity Works

The 3-Step Process


It’s true. We don’t select everyone who applies. That’s what makes this such an amazing opportunity. We only select the best of the best. Only the few select individuals who we think have a real shot at scaling this opportunity and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. The question is…. Why wouldn’t you apply? It’s totally free. You have nothing to lose.


In order to build the business and the income you deserve, you must first develop a skill set that’s deserving. Once accepted, use the training vault, private mastermind sessions, and weekly group coaching calls to learn things like sales processes, strategies on closing the deal, how to hire, how to fire, and everything in between. Use our complete A-Z business template to increase your skills, make some sales, and watch the money start rolling in.


Once you learn how to sell and have some recurring cash flow, the real fun begins. Hire people to sell for you. Kick your feet up. Relax. Make recurring income every month from the hard work you’ve done. Scale your business through other people’s efforts to multiple six figures, even millions, per year.

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