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Creating more value to your customers sets you apart from your competition. It can also increase your profits. Our reseller program is ideally suited for Point of Sale providers and those that have existing relationships with local and national merchants. Whether it’s providing a customer integration solution between your platform and ours, or leveraging your sales team to provide an additional product offering, we welcome revenue sharing opportunities.

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Whether your customers are large or small, it doesn’t matter.

Solutions for any sized merchant.

Merchants of all sizes have one thing in common, the need to be profitable. Chances are they selected you as a partner out of trust that your product or service would help towards that goal. Skout Deals marketing platform was designed to accommodate the needs of every sized merchant, big or small.

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Additional overhead costs kept to a minimum.

We provide support.

Each of our resellers are different, each with different needs, resources and infrastructure. We view all our resellers as partners and be as successful as possible in selling our service, enhancing goodwill among your customers. We provide you as much or as little support as you want, you decide.

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