So, for some, shopping is a sport with the players seeking out the best deals and discounts, trying to save more money than they spend. Whether you consider shopping a sport or just love a good deal, check out the app Skout Deals.

Skout Deals is a location-based deal finding app that helps you find the best in-store promotions, freebies, coupons, and discounts that are at least 25 percent off. Say you’re looking for a new dishwasher. Skout Deals will notify you every time a deal on dishwashers shows up nearby. So maybe ten deals pop up. Now you can sort them by best discount, biggest savings, and closest expiration date. When you decide on the best option, go purchase it. But it’s not just for household appliances, it covers almost anything you can buy – food, clothes, makeup, you name it. You can favorite those merchants you want to keep an eye on or search either by what’s closest or by keywords. There’s over 150 national merchants, 170,000 merchant locations connected with the app, and more merchants – big and small- signing up to add their deals every day.

“You simply browse a category or search a keyword and all nearby deals that fit your criteria appear. It’s that easy. You can even bookmark searches, favorite stores and we’ll notify you about new deals added daily that you are most interested in. Our goal is to be the best deals finding app in the USA.”

To download the app for free head to Google Play or the App Store today.

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