The folks at Skout Deals have officially launched a new marketing platform and accompanying app for the “ultimate deal-finding experience.”

Skout Deals, we’re told, is an app and marketing platform created by deal finders, for deal finders.

According to a provided demo, this full-service, interactive geo-based app is designed for helping everyday individuals and merchants connect with one another locally though product discounts and deals.

Borne from a passion for providing a seamless, easy-to-use avenue for finding the best deals nearby, Skout Deals created a place for both merchants and consumers to locally prosper, connect, and build a community for future transactions.

“Imagine being able to open an app, and peruse every single deal and discount going on in a 100-mile radius from your location – that’s Skout Deals,” said Bryan Payne, Founder and CEO of Skout Deals. “We started the process solely with the consumer in mind. How could we develop an app that was valuable to them? That’s how we got the Skout Deals ball rolling.”

To learn more, check out the app here.