Founding Story

As told by Alice

Bryan and I have always been deal finders, right from when we met in high school; in fact, on our first date we used a 2-for-1 coupon at Burger King.

We’re a pretty good deal finding team. I tend to focus on day-to-day essentials, and Bryan handles the larger purchase items and any big ticket negotiations.

Finding deals has been more than just saving money to us. It’s fun as we work at saving money together. It’s very rewarding and exhilarating, especially when we find that amazing deal. Probably most important, is our deal finding ways has helped our family stretch every dollar and experience more than we otherwise could.

No longer was it just looking through newspapers, magazines, flyers and direct mail to find deals. Now to find a good deal, I have to do all that PLUS: websites, a variety of apps, and opt-in emails. Finding deals is a lot of hard work now, and organizing them once I do find them is even tougher.

The last number of years, we found deal finding was becoming more time consuming, was less fun, and was starting to feel like a full-time job.

Then, one Sunday morning, Bryan and I went out for breakfast and had a conversation on how deal finding was becoming more difficult and was less fun. We wondered if we are the only ones experiencing this problem. We couldn’t be, so we asked: why has someone not solved this problem with technology?

We talked about current deal finding apps, the problems with them and how many we actually use daily to find deals. We figured, that on a regular basis we we use at least 10 different apps to find deals, and there was no single go-to app that had all the nearby deals.

Our conversation quickly turned from why doesn’t someone solve this problem to, “if magically we could create a deal finding app, what would it look like?”

It was a fun brainstorming and we came up with these must haves:

  • No matter where you were, it would show all the deals nearby
  • EVERY deal would be on it, in-store promotions as well as coupons
  • Simple to use and easy to find the best deals quickly
  • Allowed us save and organize deals we planned to use
  • All the deals would be up to date and valid
  • Only showed deals on products and services that we care about
  • Had real deals that were a minimum of 25% off or more
  • Display the deal information in an easy to read format

By the end of the breakfast, we thought having an app like this would solve a lot of our problems. Was there one out there already and we just didn’t know about it?

Over the month, we started downloading every deal finding app we could find; although each had pieces of what we wanted, none had it all.

It got us thinking: why don’t we create the ultimate deal finding app?

We took the plunge, raised some money from friends and family and after close to two-years of development, we proudly launched the Skout Deals App October 2016.

The good news is, it’s been surprisingly well received and many local merchants and national chains have already started posting their deals on Skout Deals.

We know we still have a very long way to go to bring our vision to life and we are working extremely hard to add new deals daily.

Please feel free to “spread the word”; the app is FREE to download.

Thanks for all the support, and please do not hesitate to provide feedback and suggestions to make the Skout Deals app even better.

Alice & Bryan

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