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This is a true story.

I started my first business at 24 and after 20 years had a very successful exit. Took some time off before starting another five years ago in Silicon Valley with another successful exit. My bio on LinkedIn

September 2014, I decided that maybe I shouldn’t start another new business. It’s been 26 years of being a President & CEO and that maybe I should just look for a good entrepreneurial sales opportunity where I could use my skills, make a lot of money with less headaches.

So for the first time in my life I started looking on Indeed and Craigslist and other job sites in earnest and I couldn’t find them. There were really no good sales opportunities. I remember thinking “man, where are the good, high paying sales jobs?”

Of course, I found a lot of “uncapped” and “unlimited potential” opportunities, like selling door-to-door stuff, but nothing seemed legit or more than a “puppy mill” type sales jobs.

On the other side of the spectrum, there were these corporate inside sales jobs requiring you to show up to an office and sell something from a desk wearing business attire and all I could think was the TV show “The Office” and office politics, or outside sales where you had to learn a whole new industry and become the “suit” with a base salary and feel like the company now owned all your time.

Oh and forget about big account selling, I definitely didn’t want commutes, airport travel and evening dinners. I’d been there, done that, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

For someone like me, saying I was a little discouraged would be an understatement.

Here I was a guy who can successfully sell and all I want is a great product and great company to represent and the opportunity to make lots of money working from home and I couldn’t find any jobs like that.

Fact is I know what I’m doing. I don’t need to be taught how to sell. I just want to left alone to sell and have support people available if I have any questions.

In the end, I couldn’t find my dream job. None existed. They all tried to talk a good game but when push came to shove they were crappy sales jobs.

So what did I do?

No joke, I was forced start my own business once again. Unfortunately for me, the concept of just being in sales and having less-headaches didn’t work out and I’m back in the big chair.

But what I did realize is that in the process of me looking for the ideal sales opportunity that I couldn’t find, I figured if I can provide a legit sales opportunity where people who know what they are doing could make real money working from home, earning a guaranteed residual income and all the lifestyle perks it brings, it could be a winning formula.

So I mixed my passion for business and deal finding and Skout Deals was born.

Skout Deals is a location-based free app that allows people to find deals that are 25% off or more near them. There is no app like it and if you take the time to look into what we are doing I think you will agree it’s going to revolutionize the way people find deals nearby and be their on the go deal finding app. It’s already started. Our goal is to make Skout Deals a household name.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, you can check out to learn about the app and to learn about our business model.

I’m sure you’ll agree we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right product.

What I can say with 100% confidence is we have a great entrepreneurial sales opportunity where you can be part of our success story by owning a protected sales territory, with uncapped commissions, a client base that provides a great residual earning opportunity and doing it all while building long-term equity through your efforts.

We launched our app January 2016 with a focus on large national merchants. In that time have over 200,000 + merchant locations, and over 50,000 deals on the app, with thousands being updated daily. We are integrated into companies like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and many others. Best Buy even added us to their App Gallery as one of their favorites.

This year we are launching our DIY marketing platform for both small to mid-size merchants. Local, smaller merchants will be able to post their deals to the Skout Deals app within minutes and be right along side the “big guys”. It’s leveling the marketing playing field; it’s a game changer!

We are a subscription-based service and inexpensive.

We have removed all customer-pricing objections. It’s a sales person’s dream.

Best part is it’s an uncomplicated product to sell. You’re not selling a new behavior, or new concept. Everyone knows what a deal is and merchants already have budgets established for this type of marketing.

It can be an extremely short selling cycle, most often measured in one or two calls, you don’t have to wait very long to start earning real money.

We’re now in the process of launching our small business DIY marketing platform across the United States and Canada, and looking for people that are interested in becoming Territory Owners by purchasing a protected sales territory.

As a Territory Owner you find merchants in your area that are looking to grow their business and help them do it. You’re our “feet on the street”, even though most of the time you’re calling from your home office chair.

You’re responsible for helping merchants decide whether Skout Deals is a good fit, leading them through the process, demonstrating the product and answering any questions they may have.

You’re dedicated to their success, providing suggestions and building a partnering relationship. You’re in the community and evangelizing the Skout Deals app and growing your local app user base.

If the Territory Ownership opportunity I just described has grabbed your attention and this seems like the ideal business opportunity for you, then I encourage you to learn more at our Territory Ownership page on our website

This is an incredible entrepreneurial opportunity for those confident in their sales abilities and looking to own their own business without breaking the bank.

I also encourage you to try out the app and open up a merchant account. Check out how easy it is for local merchants to sign up and have deals posted a matter of minutes.

If impressed and you see the fit, I encourage you to apply.

To your future,


Bryan Payne

Founder & CEO


About Skout Deals

Skout Deals is a location-based deal finding app that helps consumers find nearby deals, revolutionizing how people find deals from local merchants. The app consolidates all nearby deals, eliminating the need for consumers to hunt through multiple apps, websites, emails, newspapers, flier inserts, and direct mail to find that great deal. Created by deal finders, everything on the app is 25% off or more, and includes features built into the app that minimize effort to find the best deals. The app has over 200,000 merchant locations and 50,000 plus deals available, updated daily direct from over 300 participating national merchants such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

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