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Smartphones are everywhere, they are an integral part of our daily lives. Yet somehow, many businesses have not fully embraced the power of mobile marketing. Until now. It all starts with understanding mobile marketing is the future. So we built a foundation around this vision. Promoting your deals on Skout Deals app is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to reach nearby customers.

Revolutionizing the way people find deals.

All nearby deals in one place.

We make consumers lives easier by putting all nearby deals in one place. They no longer have to spend hours hunting through multiple apps, websites, emails, flyers, newspapers, or direct mail to find a great deal. It’s the only Deal Finding App they’ll ever need and is fast becoming the Gold Standard.


Find deals for restaurants, clothing and more. Search by category or keyword.


Sort deals by nearest, discount or expiry date. Bookmark deals, merchants and products.


The more you use the app, the more chances you have to find surprise freebies.


Every deal is a minimum of 25% off or more. We automatically track your savings.

Connecting with consumers that have a need to buy, now.

You simply browse a category or search a keyword and all nearby deals that fit your criteria appear. It’s that easy. You can even bookmark searches, favorite stores and we’ll notify you about new deals you may be interested in.

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No marketing experience required.

Leveling the playing field.

Marketing is necessary. Attracting and retaining customers is the life-blood of every business. Yet, it’s not always easy. For many small business owners, they lack the experience, budget and time to compete with large competitors. No longer. We provide you a simple, self-serve, fill in the blanks online platform to post your deal in minutes, or less.

What’s working, what’s not.

Results matter.

Get insight on how your deals perform. To improve, you need to measure. We track and share everything in full transparency, in real-time. You can see the engagement with your deals. The who, what, where and how, even by store location. Modify, refine, experiment and leverage this data across all your marketing efforts.

Get to know your customers.

Build customer loyalty.

Get to know your customers like never before. Let them know you care. Determine who’s your best, their demographic, last visit and their overall engagement level with your business. Target specific customers, or groups with special offers and even send win-back offers to those you haven’t seen in awhile.

Deal types for every occasion.

Something for everyone.

Different deals motivate different people. Think creative. You now have options. It all starts by recognizing that offering the right type of deals can be a gateway to increasing profits. So we build a foundation around this concept. You simply select the offer that works best for you, whether it’s in-store, a coupon, or online and try something new.




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Skout Deals works.

It’s a true partnership.

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