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It’s all about creating a deal skouting community.

The more people who use the Skout Deals app, the more merchants will want to promote their deals on the app and the better it is for all of us as deal finders! To get there, we need your help in “spreading the word” to your blog followers.

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We see people skouting deals as a movement. Our marketing plan has always been to create such a great and valuable app that people tell others. As the more people use Skout Deals, the more motivated local and national merchants will be post their deals on the Skout Deals app, and the more great deals we’ll all be able to find. Everyone wins.

If you like our app and think your readers would as well, we’d love for you to spread the word and encourage others to try it too! Also, if you have a blog that you think the Skout Deals community may find interesting or valuable, please email us so we can promote your blog to our followers a well.

As a token of our appreciation we’d like to offer you a $10 Amazon Gift Card for you taking the time to review our app and spreading the word. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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