The past few months, expenses were way out of our hands. Nope. We didn’t splurge on shopping or anything unnecessary. We just need to renew our house lease and renew the car insurance and registration, usual expenses for Ellie and some emergency stuff that we need to buy like new house lock and small things that we thought won’t harm the funds but it did. We bought nothing fancy or pricey for us.My husband and I are both working – our financial status is fine, but not great. That’s the truth. We are still thankful because we don’t have too much, but we have more than enough.I know that we can do more to save more. It pays a lot to be a wise buyer or spender.


There are lots of ways to save, seeking for deals is definitely one of them.

I listed here some of the apps that I checked out and I can say that they are very helpful 🙂

I am checking out different deals on the internet and I stumbled upon SkoutDeals. The good thing about SkoutDeals is that once you downloaded the app you can actually find deals near you.Yes, just like that. So, why spend more if you can browse at different categories and search if there’s an offer that you can avail. There’s like a point system that after you bought something it will actually monitor your savings and at a certain level there’s a surprise waiting. Take note that you don’t have to spend a lot every time. As of the moment, SkoutDeals is not yet available here in the UAE… but I am hoping that they will soon be 🙂 If you’re located in the US you can check out this app and share your thoughts about it too.

Groupon & Cobone offers ‘daily deals’ or group buying, site featuring  deals on the best things to do, see, eat and buy in the UAE. Entertainer, on the other hand is more of buy one get one free scheme. Although there are lots of merchants under these three savers there are  only specific merchant branches that you can use the vouchers and sometimes public holidays are not included.

Getting discounts, scoring deals, coupons and vouchers helps a lot. At first I am shy to use these options but as a mother I need to work on that, after all I am still paying (even if it is just half or a portion of the full price). Little steps are a great start and if we can cut the costs or the expenses why not go for that option.

What are your ways to save up? Do you also use apps and voucher codes like these? As a mom and as a consumer we have to work together and find amazing deals that will make all of us happy without breaking our bank accounts 🙂