Back in 2012 when I had my first son Eli we as a new little family of 3 decided I was going to be a stay at home mom. This was a huge financial and time commitment for us. I would be home full time and most my time and energy was going to our new little guy. Which was always a dream of mine. I felt so blessed to be able to have a husband who could support me in this dream both mentally and financially. That all sounds fun and easy but to be completely honest this was a huge shift and was both mentally and financially very hard. In what felt like overnight we cut our income in half. I dealt with a lot of guilt that I wasn’t pulling my weight and I never felt comfortable enough to buy myself anything because I felt so unworthy. But over time and lots of conversation with my husband I started to feel better about it. Finances were one of the hardest parts about being a stay at home mom for me. I worked hard at shopping sales and buying only what we needed. I would clip coupons and shop clearance and sale items only. Does anyone know how much work that is!? I have now been doing this as habit and it comes a little easier to me now (probably because I don’t “need” to as much now) but recently I was introduced to this app called Skout Deals. GUYS! This app makes it so much easier to plan my shopping trips. This app allows me to find the best deals and clearance prices at a large number of different stores. Ranging from different categories as baby, grocery, clothing and even travel I search through this app and find all sorts of deals that allows me to save money and finally feel like I’m pulling a little bit of weight in the money department. 
Saving money and shopping clearance is helpful and saves money but nothing feels more rewarding then actually bringing a paycheck home. About 6 months ago, I made a huge decision to be part of an Network Marketing Essential Oil business. Shocker! But friends and family… check this out!
I was given a sample of Essential Oils from a friend to try to help my headaches. I NEVER believed in Essential Oils even though I had been to her house several times for make n takes and thought about getting a kit I purely wanted it for the “smells”. I had a desperate night with a full-blown migraine and long story short the oils worked! I WAS SHOKED! From then on I was convinced and I knew I for sure needed a kit now. 
So, three short months after that I made the plunge and bought a Premium Starter Kit. I loved it so much and believed in it so much that I got overly excited to share the education about oils to all my friends and family. In July 2016 I “turned business” and I haven’t looked back since. 
Check this out! In 5 short months of being business I have been simply sharing my love and my genuine passion for Young Living Essential Oils that I have already ranked to executive. Young living doesn’t keep secrets, check out the income discloser here! An average person makes $549 a month as an executive it also says that it takes the average person 23 months to get to that rank! Guys! I have done it in 5 short months by simply sharing my passion with my friends. 
I know this isn’t an income that can support my family (yet) but it is an amount that truly makes a difference and helps with the little things. I love being able to makes some extra cash while still being able to stay home and teach and snuggle with my 2 handsome boys. 
This is so overly exciting and all I wanted to do was share it. 
Love you guys! #TheFaithfulOilMom