When its time to seek out that perfect gift or special item, hunting down deals can be a drag.  You want to purchase a sensational item.   However, finding he best deal can prove a challenge.  In the fast paced, multi-media, ad-rich world we live in, it can be overwhelming detecting a place to start.  Before you hit the road and hop from shop to shop consider simplifying the bargain hunting process.  Here is How to Find the Best Daily Deals for your Buck.

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Plan before you Depart

Plan out your daily deal hunting strategy ahead of time.  How would you achieve this you may ask?  With the use of a nifty app.  The Skout Deals app offers discounts that are always 25% off or more in your local area.  This is a great place to start if you are in need of a gift ASAP or are seeking instant gratification and would rather not wait for shipping.

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This is a quick and easy way to get the best daily deals for your buck.  Unlike other deal apps that include all discount items (including 2-5%) the daily deals conjured up on Skout are 25% off or more.  Therefore, you know that you are spending much less for an item of greater value.  This app enables you to find items locally, routing you to the exact locations the offer is valid as well as providing you with the in-store promo information or online information at your fingertips.  No need to rummage around for all those details.

Never Miss Local Daily Deals

Skout Deals allows you to pin your favorites shops or search a category.  When searching for items in a category, the results show items for each store with results.  You may then select the “more deals” bar along the bottom of the search results to view more items in that category offered at that one location.

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For example.  If searching for an item related to the baby category, simply go under the categories tab and select baby.  Next, if your curious in offers regarding all items in that category, chose the “select all” tab.  This will list stores in that category with offers.  However, only one item is displayed for each store.  Therefore you would then select the “MORE DEALS” bar along the bottom of the store results to view all the items in that category related to baby that are 25% off or MORE!

If you discover something that is the best deal for your buck, tap on the item to reveal the details. In this case, I chose a infant boat shoes on sale for $6.88! (Little man is starting to walk) When selecting the item, it shows all the details as well as the nearest location offering the discount. If a code or coupon is needed, its available under the “in-store promo” tab at the bottom of the item details.  In this case, no code or coupon is needed, simply go to the store and buy!

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Stay Snug and Have it Shipped

What better way is there to find daily deals and never leave the comfort of your own home other than the internet.  There are so many great resources out there for finding the best online deals. However, with so many options, it can become overwhelming as to where to look first.

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Before searching countless sites for the best deal possible, consider the opportunity to be rewarded for your shopping efforts.  That’s right, get paid to shop.  Ebates is a popular shopping site for many reasons.  Not only do they offer great daily deals, they offer items from your favorite online stores.  Even shop Amazon products through Ebates and reap the rewards!  Use that extra cash to purchase a little something for yourself.  You worked hard hunting down those amazing deals.

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Check out all Ebates has to offer here: EBATES Rules!

Deals Delivered

This next one stop shop for daily deals online is a favorite of mine.  Honestly, I think I have a serious problem.  Groupon is a go-to for an array of items at a discounted price.  My personal favorite, Canvas Photo Prints.  These are awesome gifts and a great way to display family photos in your own home.  Its my weakness, I seriously have canvas prints of my family all over my house.  ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

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That’s not all.  Groupon is a great place to find toys, gadgets, travel deals, the list goes on.  One year I purchased my hubby a 30 minute drive experience in a Lamborghini as a gift.  He loved it!  I don’t see any other opportunity he would have to drive such a luxurious vehicle, as that is not a car in our budget. Therefore, this gift was a winner.

Groupon offers daily deals across many categories.  Keep an eye out for their daily deals as they change frequently and you wouldn’t want to miss a  chance to score some seriously great goods for less.

Check out Groupon Here: BE A GROUPON GROUPIE

Sherlock Steals

Yes, there are times that roaming about can really pay off.  This takes time and effort.  However, the outcome can really benefit your budget.  When visiting your favorite stores, take time to look around the clearance isles.  Most department stores such as Target keep discount item racks at the ends of isles.  It never hurts to take a peek and see if you find a hidden treasure.

Don’t be afraid of second hand stores as well.  If you are searching for a new coffee table or dining room chairs, thrift stores can provide serious diamonds in the rough.  Many places such as Habitat for Humanity sell unused items from construction sites. Most of these items were simply not used on the job, or the owner decided to install something different.  Therefore, you can score a brand new kitchen sink for a fraction of the cost at a hardware store.


What amazing sales and finds have you come across in your shopping travels?  I want to hear your most treasured find and how you came across it.