The hard-hitting holiday is finally over! I hope everyone had an amazing time that was shared with family and friends and I wish you all on the very best in 2017! This year (and just in time for holiday shopping!), I found a pretty useful new app that made holiday shopping a breeze, and ended up saving me a ton of stress and money in the long run.

The app is cheekily called “Skout Deals“, and and a clever name it is as it truly does take the guesswork out of finding the hottest deals on pretty much anything you could want or be needing to find. Take for instance the latest gaming device: Want to save yourself the hassle of searching from store to store? Hit the Skout Deals app on your mobile device and BOOM! You’ll instantly be faced with the best deal and where you can find it. Thus potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The app is super quick and easy to install and I’ll be honest, I’ll be turning to it more and more frequently. Especially with the little one’s birthday coming up. Be sure to check out Skout Deals if you haven’t already, if you have, drop me a comment below to let everyone know how it’s working for you!