Revolutionizing the way people find nearby deals.

An app created by deal finders, for deal finders.

Ours is a unique story. We are deal finders through and through, and out of the frustration of not a being able to easily find deals nearby, Skout Deals was born. Our goal is simple, to revolutionize the way people look for deals from local merchants. To be the go to deal finding app. It’s our passion to create the best deal finding app, help people save money, build community between merchants and their customers and to create a level playing field for merchants of all sizes to compete.

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About Skout Deals

Skout Deals is a location-based mobile app that helps people find nearby deals. Skout Deals is FREE to use, and all deals on the app are at least 25% off or more.

The app was created two lifelong deal finders who were frustrated at the amount of time and research it took them to find nearby deals.

People love the Skout Deals app for its ease of use and convenience. They use it to:

  • Quickly find services and products they are interested in purchasing
  • Easily identify the best deals around them
  • Save, organize, and manage deals they are most interested in
  • Always find nearby deals that can save them 25% off or more.

Our vision in creating the Skout Deals App is to create a one-stop shop to find nearby deals with a few taps of the finger, eliminating the need and time required to hunt through websites, individual merchant apps, opt in emails, flyers, newspapers and direct mail just to find deals nearby.

Our business model is unique in that we offer merchants a  “do it yourself” marketing platform where they can create and self-publish their deals to the Skout Deals app within minutes. Our revenue model is based low-cost monthly subscriptions, starting at only $89.95 per month.

Founded by a husband and wife team, Alice and Bryan Payne, Skout Deals was developed over a two-year period and officially launched October 2016. Skout Deals has offices in Austin and Toronto.


Skout Deals is more than just another deal finding app. At our core we are fundamentally changing the way people find nearby deals by connecting people with merchants at a local level.

We believe in win-win-win. We help enrich lives of others by helping them save money and experience more. We help local merchants connect with customers and drive more business affordably. We create an environment where our people learn and grow.


We are a startup. We think like a startup. We never want that attitude to change. Working at Skout Deals is all about constantly finding better ways to do things and speed of execution. We like to think outside the box. We are not afraid to try new things, we’re not afraid to be wrong, and if we are, we learn from it and readjust, fast!

Most all our people work from home. It’s a great lifestyle, highly productive and one of our competitive advantages. We leverage technology to the fullest to be highly connected and in-sync with each other. Our leadership style is down to earth, open to new ideas and results focused.

We look for people that want to know what needs to be done and empowered to figure out the best way to do it. Most importantly we are looking for people that are driven and passionate, they jump in with both feet, love creating awesome customer experiences, evangelize the Skout Deals brand, are technology early adopters and deal finders themselves.

We think different.

People love skouting deals.

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